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The IA Newsletters

March 2011 - Car Accident Insurance Claims: Dos and Don'ts

April 2011 - Are You Hard to Insure?

May 2011 - First Time Home Buyers

June 2011 - How Your Home Insurance Can Vanish!

July 2011 - Utilize Our Network!

August 2011 - Colorado Car Seat and Booster Seat Law

September 2011 - Installing a Pool? Buying a Trampoline?

October 2011 - Why you're a bad driver and I'm not!

November 2011 - Slow drivers can get ticketed, too

December 2011 - Happy Holidays

January 2012 - Fido's bite could cost $26,000

February 2012 - Is your home underinsured?

March 2012 - Car insurance: 5 questions to ask

April 2012 - What is the difference between cash value and replacement value coverage?

June 2012 - 5 good reasons to buy a more expensive policy

July 2012 - Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance

August 2012 - How to Feng Shui Your Insurance

October 2012 -  Home Insurance for Dog Owners

January 2013 7 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

August 2013 - With a new school year approaching, take extra care driving

September 2013 - As home insurance rates rise, your best bet is to consult an independent agent

October 2013 - A Refresher in Flood Insurance

November 2013 - Not all Claims Should be Filed

November 2013 Special Issue  - You're Invited

December 2013 - Homeowners Insurance Undergoing an Overhaul in Colorado

January 2014 - New Year Brings Resolutions and Reviews

February 2014 - Your Home Might Not Like Colorado's Cold and Snow As Much As You Do

March 2014 - Spring Driving and Accident Tips

April 2014 - Prepare for Wildfire Season in Colorado

May 2014 - Keep You and Your Vehicle Safe While Enjoying Warm Weather Activities

June 2014 - If Your Car is Stolen ...

July 2014 - Keep Your Kids - and Family - Happy on Those Summer Road Trips

August 2014 - Make That Last-Minute Getaway to the Mountains a Safe One

September 2014 - Insurance 101

October 2014 - Tips to Help Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy

November 2014Colder Weather Can Create Carbon Monoxide Issues

December 2014 - Roadside Emergency Kit:  Don't Get Caught Unprepared

January 2015 - Don't Shop Your Insurance Without Talking to Us First

February 2015 - Need a Roofer, Financial Advisor or Real Estate Agent? Give us a Call!

March 2015 - Celebrating 5 Years and a New Partner!

April 2015 - How is an Auto Insurance Quote Determined?

May 2015 - The Importance of a Home Inventory

June 2015 - Do You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

July 2015 - Regardless of our Mode of Travel, We Need to Watch Out For Others

August 2015 - Join Us for the Smokin' Brew BBQ Labor Day Tradition

September 2015 - My Kid is Away at College. Do I Need to Keep Him on my Auto Insurance Policy?

October 2015 - Most Millennials Fail This Basic Quiz About Auto Insurance

November 2015 - 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

December 2015 - Are You Ready for Winter Driving?

January 2016 - Tips to Prevent Water Damage During Colorado's Colder Temperatures

February 2016

Liability and Other Auto Insurance Options

March 2016 -

Colorado Auto Insurance Laws - Part 2 - Proof of Insurance

April 2016 - Deductibles - The Right Way to Set Them

May 2016 - Let us Know What's Happening. It Could Change Your Insurance

June 2016 - It's Time for Some Fun Family Vacations!

July 2016
 Insurance & Car Rentals

August 2016 Driving Reminders for the New School Year

September 2016 - Protecting Your College Students' Possessions

October 2016 - Yard Clean-Up Helps Protect Homes

November 2016 - Drivers With Remote Ignition Switches Can Have a Warmer Drive This Winter

December 2016 
Shop Safely this Holiday Season

January 2017 Cutting Insurance to Pay Holiday Bills is Not the Best Idea

February 2017 Insurance Advisors Now Offers Life Insurance

March 2017
- What Kind of Life Insurance is Best for You?

April 2017 - Have You Made a Change in Your Life That We Need to Know About?

May 2017 - Like 

Smartphones, Self-Driving Technology May Prove Problematic for Road Safety

June 2017 - Is Your Car Ready for Summer Vacation?