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Have You Made a Change in Your Life That We Need to Know About?

By Susan Cormier for Insurance Advisors

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April 2017

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IA Team

Life is full of changes and transitions.

It’s something CPAs and accountants talk about a lot this time of year, as they prepare 2016 taxes. They want to know about all the changes that could impact your tax bill, including marriage, divorce, a new home, a child going away to college or a parent moving in.

The same is true for insurance agents. We need to know about these changes. So while you are thinking about them while you do your taxes, make a note to contact us too. 

There also might be changes that you don’t think will make a difference in your insurance coverage. But as experts, we are here to answer those questions for you. For example, if you turned a spare bedroom into a home office, you might need to add umbrella insurance. Let’s talk about it and see whether that’s really the case.

And that’s just one of any number of examples we could give you. That’s why we like to do annual reviews. 

You are busy and preoccupied as you go through these changes in your life and lifestyle. You don’t necessarily think about your insurance policies and how they could be impacted.

So when your taxes are done, please give us a call. These changes won’t necessarily mean a higher insurance bill.  

Since we represent a good majority of the country’s top insurance companies, we can look at the various policies and products that are currently on the market. They do change periodically, as do their prices.

There’s also a chance you might need less coverage. For example, if your child has grown and is now out on his own, there are a number of policy changes that might need to be made. At the very least, he should now be paying for his own auto insurance, which could mean a big break on your car insurance bill.

If you haven’t had a review recently, please give us a call at 720-210-9898. We are here to help you adjust to your life changes. We also want you to be at peace, knowing that you are paying only for the insurance coverage that you actually need.


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