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Insurance Advisors Now
Offers Life Insurance

By Susan Cormier for Insurance Advisors

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February 2017

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IA Team

Insurance Advisors is pleased to announce that we now offer life insurance policies from dozens of the top-rated companies.

We hope this new addition to our offerings will make us your one-stop shop for your insurance needs – home, car and life.

So let’s talk a little bit about life insurance. First, what is it? It’s a policy that pays out if you die. Life insurance is primarily purchased so that families will not face a financial hardship upon the death of one of the breadwinners.  

For example, if you are the primary income source for your family, you would definitely want to look at purchasing a policy so that your family will not be hurt financially by your passing. They will be going through enough pain without having to worry about paying bills or possibly moving out of the home you’ve lived in.

Obtaining life insurance is easier and cheaper than you might think. 

Since it is priced on life expectancy, the young you are when you purchase it, the better off you will be. However, even if you are older and think it will be too expensive, that’s not the case anymore.

So now is the time to meet with us, your Insurance Advisors, so we can find the best life insurance option for you. As we mentioned above, we can look at the different policies offered by dozens of top-rated companies. 

We also can help you decide if term life or whole life might be a better option. We’ll talk more about that in next month’s newsletter.
But please don’t feel you have to wait to make an appointment with us. You don’t want to miss out on the advantages provided by life insurance, including the income that it would provide your family so they can continue to pay bills and even the mortgage.

Life insurance can also provide for a small inheritance to heirs or help them pay estate or inheritance taxes, depending on your net worth.  At the very minimum, a small life insurance policy can cover the costs of a funeral and final expenses.

And once you purchase your policy, the rates can’t go up, even if you develop a new health condition.

Please call us today so we can look at your options. We can be reached at 720.210.9898.


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