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Insurance Advisors' Newsletter
January 2015

Don't Shop Your Insurance 
Without Talking to Us First

By Susan Cormier for Insurance Advisors


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IA Team

Are you looking to save money on your insurance costs? Don’t assume we can’t do it. We can.

As insurance brokers, we can do your comparison shopping for you. We’ll look at dozens of companies, compare their rates, compare their coverages and make sure you are getting the insurance you need at the best price possible.

That’s how we are different than other insurance agents who work for a specific company. They are restricted and can only sell the insurance their company offers. They may only be able to lower your rates by eliminating some important coverages or by increasing your deductibles. The end result for you will not necessarily be lower costs, especially if you have a claim.

Insurance is not just about rates. Coverages and deductibles are important factors that must be taken into consideration when looking at different options.

At Insurance Advisors, we take all that into consideration. We also do all the work, comparing what a variety of companies provide and at what cost.

Here’s a quick comparison between insurance brokers, like Insurance Advisors, and agents representing a specific company – or what we’ll call “captive” agents. 

  1. We can shop dozens of carriers vs. one single company.
  2. We can change companies to save you money. Captive agents can only lower coverages and increase deductibles to try and save you money.
  3. We are YOUR agent. You can call us with any questions. And you don’t have to do the shopping to get the comparisons. That’s our job. We’re more than happy to do that for you and show you the results.

So if you’re wondering whether you are adequately insured at the best possible price, please give us a call at 720-210-9898.

Don’t move to another carrier without asking us to review the proposal first. We don’t want you to think you are saving money at the expense of lower or removed coverages, or higher deductibles. We’re here to serve you. Please let us do that.

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