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Insurance Advisors' Newsletter
August 2014

Make That Last-Minute Getaway 
to the Mountains a Safe One
By Susan Cormier for Insurance Advisors

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IA Team

As we enter the fading weeks before the end of summer, you may be thinking about a long weekend or last-minute getaway in the mountains. 

We hope that you can take that drive. There’s nothing quite like a trip to the mountains to make you appreciate Colorado and its beauty. But as your Insurance Advisors, we also want you to be safe.

So here are a few tips to help you make it a safe trip along the highways and byways traveled by so many this time of year.

1. Take time to enjoy the views. As you drive on the state’s mountain roads and passes, it’s hard to also take in the beauty that Colorado has to offer. We suggest you don’t hesitate to stop at the many pullouts and view points that you’ll find along the way. That way, you can really enjoy the view without compromising your driving.

2. Look out for wildlife. Along the same lines as enjoying the views, you want to be especially alert for deer or other wildlife that may be crossing the road. Most of these animals are the most active at dawn and dusk.

3. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition, especially the brakes. You want them to work when you are heading down a mountain pass! You should also check your fluid levels, including windshield washer solution, and the tread and inflation of your tires.

4. Watch the temperature gauge. With today’s technology, it’s not often that drivers have issues with their vehicles overheating, but it’s always a good idea to be aware of the temperature gauge. If your engine does happen to heat up, turn off the air conditioning. You might also want to pull off to the side of the road to give you engine a chance to cool down.

5. Watch your driving. We have a couple of suggestions. First, drive in the center of your lane. Many visitors who are not used to mountain driving tend to hug the center line to avoid the edge of the road. That’s not safe. Think about. If drivers in both directions are doing that, the chances of a collision absolutely increases. Secondly, be courteous of those who are trying to pass. If someone is trying to pass you on a mountain road, slow down a little bit to let them pass safely. Also, if you are on a four-lane highway, Colorado law requires you to stay in the right lane unless you are passing other vehicles.

6. Stay alert. The best way to stay alert is to take a break ever now and then, which will also let you enjoy some of the fantastic scenery. Also, don’t drive when you are sleepy. Either give the wheel to another driver while you rest your eyes or call it a day. Finally, drink plenty of water to stay alert and avoid altitude sickness, which can be brought on by dehydration.

All our best to you as you enjoy these last weeks of summer. As always, your Insurance Advisors are ready to assist, if you have any needs. We can be reached at 720-210-9898.

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