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Insurance Advisors Blog: thornton

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Homeowners might want to think twice before bringing a dog into the house. Some insurance companies will be less than thrilled to hear about the new pit bull, the Rottweiler puppy or even the energetic Dalmatian because dog bites are on the rise and they cost insurance companies millions of dollars in claims each year. READ MORE >>

Whether buying coverage for the first time or renewing an existing auto insurance policy, consumers should take advantage of a highly competitive insurance marketplace, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). READ MORE >>

Although gap insurance is never required for auto loans and you should never believe anyone at a car dealership that tells you it is, there are times when choosing it can be the right decision. We know because we’ve been involved in auto loans since 1992 here at Auto Credit Express. READ MORE >>

Living on the wrong side of the tracks can cost you hundreds of dollars extra each year when you buy auto insurance. Something as simple as moving from one ZIP code to another in the same city -- even if you've just moved across the street and your driving record, claims history and vehicle remain the same -- can cause your car insurance rates to skyrocket. READ MORE >>

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