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After an accident, expect a claims adjuster to try to settle the case as inexpensively as possible. That's good for the insurer, but you'll need to look out for your own interests. The light turns green. You drive forward. Suddenly your world slams sideways, and an airbag punches you in the face. READ MORE >>

Insurance experts said on Tuesday that homeowners, who think they are protected if something happens in their unit because they are paying association dues, need to think again.  Condo owner Luis Hinogosa said his home was damaged when a construction crew clogged a pipe and it sent sewage from uppper floors into his unit. READ MORE >>

Ron Durbin wasn't happy when Farmers Insurance notified him that his homeowners premium would go up 17 percent when he renewed the policy in August. "If it's 17 percent this year, what's it going to be next year?" the retired systems analyst from Omaha remembers thinking. READ MORE >>

The same 1993 Honda Accord, curiously, has been stolen eight times this year in towns across Colorado. A white tow truck is prowling the Denver area at night, boosting cars and hauling them — most likely — to a garage where they are stripped for parts. READ MORE >>

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Press ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Insurance Advisors Receives 2011 Best of Parker Award U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the AchievementNEW YORK, NY, October 20, 2011 -- Insurance Advisors has been selected for the 2011 Best of Parker Award in the Insurance category by the U.S. READ MORE >>

There's good reason to believe that homeowner insurance rates will increase next year. U.S property insurers have been unable to justify rate increases in recent years due to a lack of severe storm activity, but that has dramatically changed in 2011. READ MORE >>

Let’s be brutally honest with one another: paying for car insurance sucks. It doesn’t make your car go faster, handle better or look dope, and chances are good that you’ll pay into it and never need it. READ MORE >>

In the chaos and excitement of buying a new house, it’s easy to settle for the first homeowner’s insurance quote you’re offered. Now that you’re a seasoned homeowner who’s thinking about refinancing, you may be wondering if you’re getting the best deal from your current insurance provider. READ MORE >>

You’re not working but Federal law states you must have car insurance. How in the world do you do that? It’s hard enough to survive, let alone pay for an expense that now doesn’t look all that worthwhile keeping up. The risks far outweigh the benefit of not having autoinsurance. READ MORE >>

You might want to drive a lot more defensively the next time you get behind the wheel of your car, because your chances of getting into an accident with an uninsured driver are going up—way up. And accidents involving uninsured drivers are likely to be more serious. READ MORE >>

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