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Insurance Advisors Blog: 2_2012

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When considering raising insurance limits, the increasing value of your assets will likely play a major role. But one factor you may not be considering is the role inflation takes in diminishing the value of your insurance benefits. Life Insurance and Inflation READ MORE >>

Living on the wrong side of the tracks can cost you hundreds of dollars extra each year when you buy auto insurance. Something as simple as moving from one ZIP code to another in the same city -- even if you've just moved across the street and your driving record, claims history and vehicle remain the same -- can cause your car insurance rates to skyrocket. READ MORE >>

Most homeowners have insurance. The question is: do you have enough insurance? Will your policy cover you if the worst happens – if your house is totally destroyed and you need to rebuild?  According to the Insurance Information Institute’s 2011 Insurance Pulse Survey, nearly half (48 percent) of all homeowners in the U. READ MORE >>

Insurance executives say that last year's record-setting earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes and other catastrophic events could translate into higher homeowners insurance premiums in many parts of the country as their companies attempt to recoup their payouts. READ MORE >>

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