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Thousands of trees in the Greater Washington area were felled by Hurricane Irene, plunging hundreds of thousands into darkness and raising a thousand insurance-related questions, such as: “Is the damage from hurricane winds covered?” “Who is responsible for the damage if a tree falls on my neighbor’s yard? READ MORE >>

Owning a vehicle can be enjoyable, but it also comes with a cost. On top of the purchase price, gas, maintenance, repairs, and insurance costs can quickly add up. While insurance is mandatory for most people, overpaying for coverage can be avoided. InsuranceHotline. READ MORE >>

Progressive Insurance Co., which in 2008 debuted its black-box auto insurance program in Alabama, is about to implement some changes, including one that might seem counterintuitive. The voluntary "MyRate" program allowed customers to install a small device that records data reflecting how they drive -- similar to the black box on an airplane. READ MORE >>

There are lots of times in life when you might need the help of a good insurance agent. A trustworthy insurance agent can help you determine how much life insurance you'll likely need as you reach mileposts in life, such as having a baby or getting married. READ MORE >>

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Agents in Massachusetts are so dead set against allowing insurers to use consumers' credit histories in setting auto premiums that they are taking two separate paths toward outlawing it.The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) launched an effort earlier this month to put a measure... READ MORE >>

If you install a swimming pool without notifying your homeowner's insurance company, it could result in any claims involving your pool -- or even your roof --being denied. The same goes for trampolines. "When additions are made to your property, it's important to notify your agent," said Jeff McCarthy, with Harrington Insurance Agency in Cambridge, Mass. READ MORE >>

When you buy a piece of real estate (condominium, single-family home or even a cottage), you are buying the title to the property. This title (ownership) is registered at the land titles office and shows you as the rightful owner of that property. READ MORE >>

What’s a tempting way for a client with a home insured for $2 million to potentially lose $600,000?  He or she can cut the amount of coverage for their home by 30%, thinking that it doesn’t need as much insurance because home prices have fallen by a similar amount since mid-2007. READ MORE >>

I am not confident that I have enough insurance coverage on my home or car. When might buying an auto or home umbrella policy be a good idea? Insurance policies have limits. They will only cover claims up to a certain amount. READ MORE >>

From time to time, it’s good to take a look at trends and happenings around the country.  This week, we’ll take a look at two potential rip-offs that might serve as a caution to all of us. Recent tornados and hail storms around the country, and particularly in the South, have left property damage and other mayhem in their paths. READ MORE >>

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